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Course management   
My name is Marion Zimmermann, and I have cats since I was a teenager. My first pedigree cat I bought 2003, after four years intensive learning about cats and breeding, and since 2006 I breed Siberian Cats. I love to read and to collect  books about cats, at this moment I have about 160, factual books, genetic books, books of breeds, as well as novels. 

I am a state registered pediatric nurse, learned, graduated (state examination) and worked for several years in University Childrens Hospital in Heidelberg (infectious ward, peritoneal dialysis), and in ophtalmologic clinic. Later I worked in obstetrics, gynaecology and in neonatal room in hospital in Bensheim and did advanced educations in hygienics and in other medical sections. I am particulary interested in cat anatomy, genetics, nutrition, healthy breeding and behaviour, and have taken several advanced courses in these topics.
Since early 2013 I am working in adult education, with the topics of cat's anatomy, behaviour, nutrition, health breeding, genetics, diseases, mentorship and many more related areas. I have written texts and translated texts (related to the cat stuff above). Beside this I added also course leading and course managing/administrating to my activity list, and entered cats to online breed databases. My languages are German, English, French (school-french), and in some extent Dutch.



A greeting from Stockholm, the town of the Nobel Prize festivitas! My name is Dagny Dickens, I have been a Siamese owner since 28th June 1957 and a breeder since the middle of the 1970-ties. My prefix –  Novarita – was registered in December 1974 and since then I have bred Siamese cats, mostly in the colours seal point and seal tabby point. From 1979 to computerisation 1992, I was one of SVERAK’s (FIFe member in Sweden) official registrators, doing about 22.000 official pedigrees. I worked in the then existing Breed Commission of SVERAK 1982-2002.

I am an All Breed judge. I am also co-creator of the EMS System together with ms Eva Minde, Norway. I do like everything that has with cat and knowledge to do and especially genetics can make me go wild, so holding seminars in genetics and cat colours are also on my list since long.
In my everyday life I have worked as international telephone operator and international supervisor for Swedish Telecom. This work has given me good training in handling stressful situations. And I have experienced technical development from the inside, from the stoneage times when you had to book all your calls via an operator and cell phones were not heard of, to today's smartphones and bye-bye to land lines.
I am best in English, German is also OK and I can read and understand French and Icelandic and to some extent also Dutch. There are two other hobbies too, Opera and pot plants of the Hoya (Grandma’s Wax Plant) and the Geranium families. Speaking Opera, Puccini and Mozart are the favourites. Therefore Italian as in Opera, is understood.
I began to work with online courses early 2008, doing translations and writing texts. I have parallell to that work, also been a course leader for courses in different languages, managing course platforms and keeping the course administration in good order. I started to share this work with Marion 2013 and we became a trio in 2017 when Alla joined us. As extra job, I have also entered cats and health results in online breed databases. We decided earlier this year that we should stand on our own legs, that is why Campus Felinarium can now be presented to you.


My name is Alla Zacharová and I participate in creating Campus Felinarium on-line courses for cat´s breeders and pet lovers.  I am honoured to work and to co-operate for this unique possibility.
Some words about my professional background in my everyday life. I finished the Charles University in
Prague, faculty of Philosophy with extension in Pedagogy. After the University I used to work for several years as lector/teacher for adults, and at the same time as a translator and proof-reader. I have switched to ICT security more than 15 years ago, where I am responsible for training and marketing.

We always had cats and dogs in our family, but during my adulthood I have fallen in love with Siamese and Oriental cats. I started to breed SIA and OSH in 2012 under the name Oneiri CZ.  As I am passionate in food itself (for people as well for animals), I am very interested in cat´s nutrition and I am regularly writing articles about how to feed a cat naturally (including recipes) and sometimes even a review about cat food.  I am also interested in cat´s health, in natural kitten raising, cat’s behaviour and many other topics.
I have graduated from many courses about cat breeding and genetic, feline behavior and psychology, pet nutrition, cat anxiety and stress, enrichment for cats etc. I have recently started to study and practice manual Dorn therapy for animals (that including not just manual technics, but sound knowledge of cat anatomy too). I am fascinated how manual therapy can help animals with locomotor system problems or how it can improve a life of old animals.
I have several years of experience as on-line course leader in Czech and in English languages. I also created some course materials and I contribute to course translations and proof reading of study materials.

Freelance course leaders, text writers and translators

are coming from following countries:

AR (Argentina), AT (Austria), BE (Belgium), CH (Suisse), CN (China), CZ (Czech republic), DE (Germany), IT (Italy), PL (Poland), PT (Portugal), SE (Sweden).

Right now 21 freelance course leaders are correcting the courses.