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International courses for cat breeders and cat lovers

Welcome to International courses for cat breeders and cat lovers

The courses are independent from each other and available in different languages (CZ, CN, DE, EN, IT, SE). You can choose the course which you are interested in, and in what order you would like to take them. For a description of content and more details see "courses"    


When you have passed the course in question, you will be listed on a specific page (Graduates) of Campus Felinarium and get a certificate plus a star-button for the course in question to place on your website.  



Note: All our freelance course leaders have the star button and the certificate which they can use on their websites or at other places. Every certificate is issued by course management and has its own unique number. You will virtually meet your course leaders on the course platform right at the begining of your course.

If you are in doubt, contact